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I have noticed that the keywords and phrases that people plug into search engines like Google and Bing and then, through their winding and strange Internet journey, arrive right here, inside my blog, are becoming increasingly more poetic. Or maybe it’s just me. They are certainly odd.

I imagine these people at home, in a back bedroom or their home office, having sat down when the sun was still up but it has since become dark and they haven’t bothered, or noticed, to switch on the lamp. The monitor’s weird microwavy light is pressing on their face. I imagine them in the ways I romanticize the Internet, not as a place where people are searching for leather couches and economy flights, but for private paths to different lives or moments or people—but just for a minute, or an afternoon or maybe more. To escape. I like to imagine the Internet as a place to escape. Like Bhutan or Antarctica or Tonga. But different.

Below, each line is the entire search phrase that led one or more unique visitors to my blog at one time or another, from one place to another, in no order.

i’am looking for poem or card to let her I am sorry about her brother

when our earthly lives are over

muslims “taylor ham”

“couldn’t reach” “shrinking” “smaller” “tiny” “miniscule”

basic frames in dramaturigical model

baby at her hip

still topless

my daughter fucking a nigger

respecting authority

future importance of snss

she bent over to pick up her purse I watched her ass

sentences about winter

how does one walks away.. from all the memories.. how do i not miss you.. when you are gone..

girls with tight buns

how to know if you are a transvestite

we create our tools and then our tools recreate us

he body bare against him hard then mom

it was midnight when alice finally walke

future researcher

humans wandering off social trails

snow “she was wearing sandals”

prostitution in aix en provence

what does it mean when the boy you like doesn’t talk

easy way to write an argument essay

future researcher

when our earthly lives are over