*This is poem is pulled from data from Google Insights. So it’s true. Contrived, but true.

When people ask

Is God real?

to Google, they most often are asking,

What is God?

Is Jesus real?

Who is God?

Is Jesus God?

They also type

into their search browser

(are they alone?)

God is love

God is fake

Where is God?

Maybe God is not in the United States

because that is the country

the most people are asking

to Google, if God is real.


(Eritrea is the country where people just write


to Google, the most.)



is the country the most people write


to Google, and then Zimbabwe,

Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya

the Philippines, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria.

Help me.

In Ghana, they say

Help me.

In Uganda and Nigeria and Jamaica and Kenya and South Africa and the United States and Thailand,

they say, Help me.

They say, Help me to

Help me find

God help me

Help me do

I need help

Somebody help me

into their search browser

(are they alone?).


The most people asking for

Cocaine help, are in New York.

The most people asking for

Meth help, are in Arizona.


The most people who search for Happiness

live in the Philippines

and the most people who search for Depression

live in the United States.

In Somalia, more people write, Muslim

than anywhere else in the world and in Lesotho

the most people write Education into their search browsers

(Where is Lesotho?)

Followed by Swaziland, Tanzania, Malawi,

Botswana, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

They are searching for Higher education

Distance education

Online education.

Dream teeth falling out

is most popular in the United Kingdom;

Dream of fire

is most popular in the United States;

Dream of flying

is only popular in the United States.

And people ask about


in the Philippines, the United States, Namibia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Botswana, Lebanon,

they write, In dreams

Sweet dreams

Meaning of dreams.

In India, Singapore, Sweden, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay and Pakistan

people ask Google about

Broken dreams, the most.