When I say we should move. I mean I’m not happy.

When I say we should move to Europe. I mean I don’t know how to get out of this.

When I say we should move just leave, just travel for two years. To Bhutan and Israel and Italy. People do that, you know, they just bow out. And then they just come back, and they get on with it. People do this all the time. It’s not like they can’t come back. It’s not like they can never get jobs again, right?  I mean I’ve had several cocktails.

When I say or we could move to San Francisco. I mean I’m scared to not have a paycheck. 

When I say or actually, lets just move to Vermont OK? I mean I really, really meant to be a writer. I don’t know how this happened. And I’m horrified. Horrified, that I’ve wasted this much time already.

And then I just stop with it. I’m just looking at a matchbook on the table at this dive bar. You’re looking at your phone, bright like the north star, flicking at it with your thumb.

I’m not talking anymore but I’m thinking. I’m thinking when a person is lost they don’t know which direction to go to not be lost anymore. I’m thinking, that’s like, the definition of being lost.